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DR. SUWELACK – The brand behind your brand – Freeze-Dried Coffee.

Dr. Suwelack is a German based freeze-dried instant coffee producer with more than 40 years experience in serving major roasters, brands, retailers and vending industries worldwide.

Using innovative technology, including unique aroma protection processes for the production of its wide range of aromatic freeze-dried coffees Dr. Suwelack has succeeded in offering a superior quality, meeting the highest requirements.

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Dr. Suwelack – Freeze-Dried Coffee of highest quality standard.

Coffee Aroma is the soul of good coffee and Dr. Suwelack is very passionate about this. For the production of its wide variety of aromatic freeze-dried soluble coffees, Dr. Suwelack has succeeded in offering a superior quality, meeting the highest customer requirements.

We offer you coffee creations in premium-quality for an everywhere convenient coffee enjoyment – from single origin coffee via certified coffee specialties over well balanced coffee blends or micro ground Barista Style Coffee to special exclusive customized blend creation.

Freeze-dried coffee as its best.

Aroma is the soul of coffee and something that Dr. Suwelack is very passionate about. For the production of its wide variety of aromatic freeze-dried instant coffees Dr. Suwelack has succeeded in offering a superior quality, meeting the highest requirements.

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Amata 904 - Papua New Guinea

With our Amata 904 you can look forward to a really special coffee rarity: Only the finest Arabicas from the highlands of Papua Neuginea impress with such a complex aroma bouquet of a pronounced sweetness reminding of blackberry and elderberry. The acidity comes along with an elegant brightness and highlights the overall juicy and fruity character of this coffee- a must have for the demanding coffeelover.

Benita 906 HUILA - Rainforest Alliance Certified

The Benita 906 is created by a special selection of Colombian Arabicas that derive from the prestigious coffee growing region named “Huila”. The refreshing and sparkling acidity in combination with the aromatic sweetness of red berries are the leading characteristics of this distinct terroir, harmoniously rounded by a strong and velvety mouthfeel.

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News & Innovations

Blonde Roast | Dark Roast

Range diversity is our speciality: High-quality raw coffee beans are specially roasted according to the desired result, type of bean and origin.

Our slow and gentle roasting technology allows a creation of traditional and innovative roasting profiles – from light to dark.

Please try and enjoy the lightest and darkest roast in our range:

  • Amata 525 -Colombia-:  The blond roasted Arabica Colombian Highland coffee delivers a good acidity, a low bitterness and mild mouthfeeling combined with a fruity overall flavour. This cup of coffee is very balanced and with milk you receive a golden cup of coffee.

  • Benita 920 -Rainforest Alliance Certified - Dark Espresso Roast -:  An intensely, dark roasted profile with some sweet notes of caramelized sugar. Especially dedicated to a pronounced bitterness reminding of dark chocolate. The acidity remains in the background. Beans are grown under ecologically sustainable and socially responsible conditions - guaranteed by the standards of the Rainforest Alliance certification. In combination with milk you receive a strong and pronounced Coffee flavour.
African Coffee Range

Don’t miss out on our Dr. Suwelack African Coffee Range with ist delicate, fruity flavours that the region is so famous for!

Amata 905 Uganda:
This 100% Uganda Coffee Blend is sourced from aromatic Highland Arabica Coffee beans combined with some Robusta beans with a generous spice. The created blend has a typical East African character with a balanced body and bitterness. An intensive roast supports a very pleasant taste experience.

Amata 516 Tanzania:
Our single origin Amata 516 only holds high class Arabica beans from the scenic highlands of Tanzania and promises a particularly exotic enjoyment: Complex aromas of black tea and bergamot meet an intensive berry like sweetness completed by a velvety full body and a vibrant acidity reminding of sweet grapefruit.

Amata 514 Ethiopia:
Due to an ideal combination of rich terroirs, a special microclimate and comparatively high altitudes Ethiopian Arabicas counted among the best premium qualities worldwide. Known as the cradle of all coffees, Ethiopian beans characterized by complex citric fruit acidities, pronounced floral aromas of Jasmin and Bergamot that are refined by an intensive sweetness and a tea like body.

Iced Coffee | Nitro Brew
A wonderful cold coffee is every summer a perfect refreshment. With Dr. Suwelack freeze-dried coffee made out of high class coffee beans the taste pleasure is on your side. Our freeze-dried premium coffees are gentle processed which provides a pure and authentic coffee taste.

From our manifold assortment, we recommend the following best coffee specialties for Iced Coffee:

Benita 528 Full Dark Roast:
Strong, hearty Espresso-like flavour

Concerto 510 Rich and Medium Roast:
Pronounced classic Coffee flavour

With a Nitro Brew coffee machine and the Dr. Suwelack Freeze Dried Coffee, Dr. Suwelack offers you an application, with which you can create wonderfully creamy, ice-cold Nitro Brew.

With its simple use (dosage:1,5%), 2 years minimum shelf life
and uncomplicated storage of our freeze- dried coffees, it is
ideal for usage in the hotel and catering sector. Our coffee is
hot and cold soluble!

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