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Haus Rabenhorst is one of the leading traditional German producers of high-quality premium pure juices. Our product range consists of a fine selection of all-natural juices.

About us

Haus Rabenhorst is a German family-owned, highly specialised producer of first-class juices, which evolved from a vinyeard founded in 1805. Today, Haus Rabenhorst is a company with proven, innovative brands that stands for over 200 years of tradition in the development and production of beneficial juice creations from high-quality pure juices. Our brands Rabenhorst and Rotbäckchen focus on healthy, natural products with a genuine, unadulterated taste of nature. From purchasing to processing to filling, we pay attention to the highest, uncompromising quality. We distribute our premium juices in over 40 countries worldwide and are very interested in expanding into new markets with long-term business partnerships.

Haus Rabenhorst O. Lauffs GmbH & Co. KG
Rabenhorststr. 1
53572 Unkel

Phone: +49 2224 1805100
Fax: +49 2224 180583

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Peter Weishaupt
International Sales Director
Phone: +49 2224 1805-450

Products and Services

The core competence of Haus Rabenhorst’s specialists lies in their knowledge of the very best that nature has to offer and how to integrate its active substances into healthy juices. Under the Rabenhorst brand, high-quality premium pure juices and pure juices from first pressing are created from selected fruit and vegetable varieties with a great deal of knowledge and craftsmanship. Rotbäckchen, the premium brand for families and children, completes the assortment with its healthy juices and food supplements.
Cranberry juice

Selected original cranberries from North America are carefully processed through in-house pressing and afterwards gently bottled at Rabenhorst. The result is a premium quality pure cranberry juice from first pressing which retains the entire wealth of its natural ingredients.

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11 plus 11 yellow - Multivitamin fruit juice

11 plus 11 yellow is a pure juice with a great full taste of eleven harmonically composed high quality fruits. It treats you with ten important vitamins and provitamin A.

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Rotbäckchen Original

Our original juice since 1952 containing 99 % multi-fruit juice and 1 % honey & iron
Iron is important for the normal formation of red blood cells and heamoglobin and for the normal transport of oxygen in the body. Vitamin C increases iron absorption.

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News & Innovations

Rabenhorst Inner Beauty with Biotin, Niacin and Zinc
With the "Enjoy Health" range, the juice specialists at Rabenhorst from Unkel on the Rhine have hit the nail on the head in recent years: The basic idea of taking important nutrients with fortified and aromatic direct juices instead of using vitamin pills or dragées was very well received by consumers. The existing range of Rabenhorst Well-Being with Iron, Rabenhorst Protecting with Zinc and Rabenhorst Relaxing with Magnesium is now becoming a quartet: with Rabenhorst Inner Beauty.

"Beauty comes from within", as the saying goes again and again. Body, mind and soul must be considered holistically and it is important for personal well-being to regularly do something good for oneself and to listen to one's own body. The new juice "Inner Beauty with Biotin" combines delicious grapes, raspberries, elderberries and pomegranates with a light-floral essence of delicate rose petals for a very special taste and well-being experience. For that little moment of time-out in everyday life and to consciously do something good for yourself. The multi-fruit juice is supplemented with the nutrients biotin, niacin and zinc: niacin contributes to the maintenance of beautiful skin, biotin also supports the maintenance of beautiful hair. Zinc additionally contributes to the maintenance of strong nails and supports the normal function of the immune system. In this sense, the juice professionals at Rabenhorst believe that the inner values of the new product will convince many female consumers - just as inner values can stand for inner beauty.

Rabenhorst stands for over 120 years of knowledge and experience in the production of beneficial juices of the highest quality. High-quality pure juices are created from selected fruits with a sure instinct. The unadulterated ingredients and the gentle production process - mainly in the company's own press house - guarantee not only an excellent, natural taste, but also a variety of natural ingredients. With Rabenhorst juices, you can easily treat yourself - whether as a balance to your turbulent everyday life or as a personal feel-good moment.
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Rotbäckchen Vitamin Kick Shot

Twelve valuable vitamins in just two sips - ideal for on the go and thanks to safe dosage also suitable for children

Rotbäckchen power pack Vitamin Kick is a food supplement based on natural ingredients. Made with pure juices from apples and white grapes, combined with mango and banana pulp and supplemented with vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E, K as well as biotin, folic acid, niacin and pantothenic acid, the small shot provides the body with twelve valuable vitamins in just two sips. No concentrates are used and no sugar is added. It is therefore ideal for children, teenagers and adults.

Rotbäckchen power pack Vitamin Kick optimally complements the existing Rotbäckchen range and the "Rotbäckchen quality guarantee" ensures that the new product - as well as all other products of the Rotbäckchen brand - are produced under the strictest quality guidelines that go far beyond the requirements of the legislator.
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Rabenhorst Shots
For that extra portion of nature

Thanks to the very best ingredients and careful production, Rabenhorst's shots make it quick and easy to do something good for yourself in everyday life. Whether on the go and in between in the practical to-go format (60 ml) the shots from Rabenhorst are always a good choice. They are made from carefully selected, best ingredients and finely balanced essences.
Available in four different varieties:
Turmeric White Tea
Sea-Buckthorn Ginger
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