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Excellence in oil filtration. VITO filters are a standard in professional kitchens and bakeries. VITO is used daily by over 50.000 satisfied customers.

About us

Excellence in oil filtration

With more than 21 years of experience in production and sales of filtration systems, VITO filters became a standard in professional kitchens and bakeries.

Founded in 2001 by Andreas Schmidt under the brand of SYS Systemfiltration GmbH, has now grown to a company with 50 employees, subsidiaries in Hürth (Germany), Chicago (USA) and Santa Lucia Di Piave (Italy), and was changed in 2014 to VITO AG, a German corporation.

Today VITO is known in 150 countries and over 50.000 customers confirm that we are on the right track.

100% Made in Germany.

All VITO filter systems are produced in the headquarter in Tuttlingen, Germany. Our quality specialists thoroughly check the quality of products throughout the entire production process, from material receipt and the process of assembly, testing, packaging and shipping.

Only the best quality products are leaving our facilities. The quality of VITO is being confirmed by hundreds of satisfied customers who use them daily in the most demanding operations.

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Products and Services

The VITO frying oil filters cleans your frying oil easy and hygienic. No particles are left in the oil after filtration. Consequently the lifetime of the oil doubles and you...

  • up to 50% of your frying oil costs.

  • ...ensure optimal quality of your fried food.

  • ...reduce the workload around the fryer.

    The integrated VITOconnect software enables to connect VITO to the local WiFi network and makes your frying oil management smarter than ever before. The access of usage data, creation of reports and the set up of alerts will provide maximum cost control and seamless documentation.

    VITO oil testers measure the quality of your frying oil easy, fast and reliable. Always change your oil at the right time - Never too early, never too late.

VITO portable series

The VITO Portable Series cleans your frying oil easy and hygienic. Like every VITO oil filter system the Portable devices provide a microfiltration up to 5 μm (200μin).Consequently the lifetime of the oil doubles and you safe up to 50% of your frying oil costs, ensure optimal quality of your fried food and reduce the workload around the fryer. The integrated VITOconnect software allows maximum cost control and seamless documentation of your frying oil management.

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VITO mobile series

The VITO mobile series pumps your frying oil in its tank while filtering and provides an easy and hygienic transport and storage. Because of its innovative vacuum-filtration technology, particles remain in the filter in a dry condition. The mobile VITOs provide highest safety at work, because of avoiding direct contact with the hot oil. After filtration the oil can be used immediately. The mobile devices are ideal for big Hotels with multiple kitchens.

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VITO oil testers

The VITO oiltester and FT 440 determine the quality of your frying oil. Measuring the „Total Polar Material“ (TPM) content in the oil, the tester gives you an accurate overview of the quality of your frying medium in a percentage value. Both devices work after the traffic light principle and give clear warnings when it is time to dispose your fat. Never change your oil too early or too late again.

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News & Innovations

VITO’s product innovation wins COOKING Award 2022

The VITO VL was launched last fall and has already convinced many chefs. This April, for example, it was awarded the silver medal of COOKING Award 2022 in the catagory hygiene/technology/service.

For VITO AG, further development is an important cornerstone of the company philosophy. Constant efforts are made to make frying oil management simpler and more efficient and to meet the requirements of the
market. The VITO VL frying oil filter combines smart software and high-performance filter and thus meets exactly the customer’s needs.

With VITO it is possible to save up to 50% of frying oil, to ensure the optimal product quality and to reduce the workload around the deep fryer. The VL’s VITOconnect software also enables seamless cost control,
logging and analysis. The VITO’s usage data can thus be viewed at any time and from anywhere, allowing kitchen operators to always keep track of their frying oil management. The VITO VL works in every deep fryer and with every frying medium.

VITO frying oil filter wins BEST of Market Award

This year, for the 12th time, various products entered the race for the BEST of Market Award. The VITO 50 frying oil filter convinces in the category non-food sustainability.

VITO filters clean the frying oil and free it from all particles. This prolongs the life of the oil enormously and ensures the optimum quality of the oil. In addition to the economic advantages for kitchen operators, the focus is also on ecological benefits.

Thanks to a significantly lower demand for frying oil, CO2 emissions are significantly reduced. „Winning the Best of Market award in the area of non-food sustainability is a great recognition for us at VITO AG. It shows us that we are on the right track and it encourages us to continue to get the maximum for our customers.

Frying oil care is and remains an important topic in the area of sustainably managed catering kitchens,“ reports Mr. Schauf, Sales Manager at VITO AG.

Stronger, smarter, streets ahead! - The new VITO VL frying oil filter

Increase the life time of frying oil, save costs and do good for the environment – all at the same time!
Now even easier with the new VITO VL. The machine with the yellow handle is now even more powerful and user-friendly than its predecessors.

The VL is equipped as a standard with VITOconnect, a software that enables seamless cost control, logging and analysis of usage. The large control panel, the quickpin cable holder and the simple dishwasher cleaning maximise user-friendliness.

In addition, the increased filtration capacity in combination with the new rotor makes it the most powerful VITO ever built. The QR code on the VITO’s electrical unit leads directly to a product-specific website. From this point the customer can obtain information on all topics around VITO.

“As chefs, we really don’t have time!’’ this is what our VITO sales team is told by customers very frequently. That is the reason why the design team focused specifically on fast and simple processes for the new machine.

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